Welcome to Central Oregon Fire Services . . .

The goal of the Central Oregon Fire Services is to provide a means for all organizations to communicate and share valuable information.  The web page is entirely intended to serve the needs of fire and rescue members who provide emergency response to the citizens of Central Oregon. It involves:


  • the adoption of Oregon Fire Service Safety Standards
  • training and education in all aspects of the emergency services
  • fire prevention and juvenile firesetter assessment intervention
  • standards to deliver pre-hospital emergency medical services
  • develop and support legislation and regulations to improve the well being of the fire service


COFCA: Central Oregon Fire Chief's Association

"The purpose of this Association is to further the professional advancement of the fire service to ensure and maintain the greater protection of life and property from fire, natural and man-made disaster, or other emergency services of Central Oregon."


COFIA: Central Oregon Fire Instructors Association

"The mission of this Association is to aid and assist in fire service training, and to provide training material to all Fire Agencies in Central Oregon."



           COFPC: Central Oregon Fire Prevention Cooperative

                "It is the mission of this organization to promote an interagency exchange of ides and

                resources to encourage members to prevent fire through coordinated fire safety

                education programs, projects, and presentations."



              ECEMS: East Cascade Emergency Medical Services Council

                "ECEMS strives to coordinate the activities of, and provide leadership and direction for emergency medical care in Central Oregon thru standardized protocols and procedures."




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